Let’s have a barbeque takoyaki


Takoyaki is a Japanese street food

You can grill and eat takoyaki at your table

Pour the dough onto the takoyaki plate and place the toppings on it.
Turn the dough poured into the hole and make it into a ball.
It’s done when the surface becomes crispy and swells into a spherical shape. Transfer to a plate and add sauce etc.

Takoyaki Menu

Takoyaki set menu ・・・ 2,890 yen

The takoyaki set menu includes the following three items: Takoyaki , drink , Matcha dessert.

You can choose from the following five Takoyaki sauces.

  • Original sauce
  • Tartar Nanban
  • Mentaiko mayo
  • Green onion salt
  • Cheese fondue

For drinks, you can choose between one alcohol or two soft drinks from the menu.

drink menu

Please choose one matcha dessert from the menu.

matcha dessert menu

A seat reservation is required for use.

Click on the link below to go to the reservation page.

Takoyaki reservation